Bolder’s Worker’s Compensation solution focuses on assisting clients with all claims, especially their most complex claims that require an administrative appeal. Backed by Attorneys and adjustors, our comprehensive solution ensures that all claims are paid timely in accordance with specific state laws and fee schedules.

We strive to improve reimbursement for our clients and work hard to resolve challenging workers’ compensation issues.


Our dedicated team of Attorneys has the experience and skill to work through the complexity and confusing nature of Workers’ Compensation law. We offer a flexible program designed to fit your specific needs, ensuring prompt and accurate payment on these highly regulated claims.

  • Workers’ compensation accounts present a number of difficulties for hospitals in identifying the carriers involved and ensuring proper payment
  • Our deep experience and knowledge of state-specific laws and processes help clients navigate complex local systems and fee schedules
  • Bolder makes sure the provider has a seat at the table when a claim is settled or mediated
  • Payments are audited for compliance with fee schedules and State prompt payment laws and carriers are pursued for correct payments and interest for noncompliance
  • We offer a day one program, as well as an escalated claims model where accounts are referred at any time in the A/R cycle


Experience the Bolder difference.

Bolder’s deep experience in navigating the complexities and state-specific regulations of workers’ compensation, including mediation and final settlement of the claim, ensures timely resolution and maximum reimbursement.

Attorney-Based Model

Managed by Healthcare Attorneys.


Deep domain expertise in resolving highly regulated complex claims.

Flexible Delivery

Allows the hospital to determine the referral point that makes the most sense in their A/R cycle.

Employer Coordination

We work with your major employers to eliminate discord between the hospital, employer and patient/employee.

Accurate Classification

We work with your hospital employees to properly identify workers’ compensation cases, ensuring that liability cases are appropriately classified.