Third-Party Liability

Our Third-Party Liability service identifies more claims, secures proper reimbursement and maximizes opportunity with a partner that has unparalleled experience in third party liability. Our proprietary, decision tree technology is customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our experienced team can help evaluate payment opportunities, route accounts to the proper payer quicker, and secure the highest recovery on your accident claims.

Key Differentiators

We build customizable programs for clients to identify and uncover missed revenue from third party payments to save time and resources.

Our solution offers:

  • Increased number of accounts processed and identification of third party payers
  • More thorough follow-up on claims
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased revenue potential

Experience the Bolder difference.

Bolder provides the expertise, human capital and proprietary technology to dramatically improve the revenue cycle. Ready to learn more?


Through our subsidiary company, Avectus, Bolder works with healthcare providers to coordinate available insurance benefits to assist in the payment of the costs associated with patients\’ medical care, from the appropriate parties when patients have been involved in an accident.
We are not a collection agency, and patients may hear from us before receiving a bill or statement from the healthcare provider.

Please take a moment and fill out our Claim Questionnaire (Cuestionario de Reclamo en Español) or call us directly at 855.283.2887.