Our Third-Party Liability Solution is the most advanced in the market. It combines our proprietary, decision-tree software with the industry-leading expertise of our management team.

The intuitive software suite helps Bolder handle difficult and complex reimbursement cases.


A niche solution for incidents involving potentially liable third-parties – often the most challenging and time-consuming accounts for hospitals and physicians.

  • Offers capabilities to determine coverage under personal injury protection (PIP), medical payment (MedPay and third-party liability claims
  • Technology built specifically for TPL that is customizable by state and in accordance with the unique needs of the provider
  • Our decision-tree model ensures rapid review of accounts


Our technology considers the individual characteristics of an account to determine the appropriate follow-up action for Bolder representatives.

  • Scripted and step-by-step procedures to minimize user error or bias
  • Adjusts based on state level regulation
  • Requires minimal training for ramp-up of new staff resources
  • Real-time updates and data on accounts for hospital management
  • Track payment of accounts and prevents accounts from sitting idle


Experience the Bolder difference.

Recovering payment on accounts involving potentially liable third parties is one of the most challenging issues faced within the revenue cycle. Bolder offers a solution to meet the needs of any provider from national systems to physician-based practices.

Superior Knowledge of Hospital Liens

Our software recognizes the unique legal framework of the relevant jurisdiction allowing Bolder to accommodate claims from national providers efficiently.

Customized Workflow

Decision-tree system provides consistency, fast ramp-up of new staff and scalability in delivery.

Attorney-Based Model

Industry-leading expertise by those most familiar with insurance regulations and lien laws.

Full Transparency

Portal for client management to track real-time data and access to enhanced reporting capabilities.

Robust Platform

End-to-end coverage throughout the life of the claim, continuous follow-up and feedback are provided until the claim is resolved.


Recognized for its technological superiority and scalability.

Through our subsidiary company, Avectus, Bolder works with healthcare providers to coordinate available insurance benefits to assist in the payment of the costs associated with patients’ medical care, from the appropriate parties when patients have been involved in an accident.

We are not a collection agency, and patients may hear from us before receiving a bill or statement from the healthcare provider.

Please take a moment and fill out our Claim Questionnaire (Cuestionario de Reclamo en Español) or call us directly at 855.283.2887.