Bolder’s self-pay solution is a highly effective program addressing the financial challenges you face as patients bear an ever-increasing portion of their healthcare costs.

Our unique technology and core focus on excellence in our interaction with your patients drives superior results and leads to improved patient experiences.


Bolder assumes full responsibility for all activities to maximize quality contacts with patients, to optimize cash collections and create a positive relationship with patients.

  • Best-in-class workflows built around decades of experience
  • Specialized staff and industry-leading voice analytics
  • Data analysis determines presumptive financial assistance, propensity to pay and validates demographic information
  • Patient-centered culture promotes goodwill in your community


Experience the Bolder difference.

Bolder provides the expertise and sophisticated technology to dramatically accelerate self-pay cash generation, all while treating your patients with the same care and compassion as you do.

Voice Analytics Technology

Speech analytics with real-time monitoring and call recording to enhance accuracy.

Faster Turnaround Times

Accounts are loaded within 24 hours and workflow is managed in a strict sequence.

Excellence in Customer Service

Core focus on ensuring a positive patient experience.

PCI Certification

Ensures the highest level of security and compliance for credit card data.

Best-In-Class Processes

Determines the quickest path to full account resolution.