Envision your revenue cycle management processes operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Enhance this with the best and brightest revenue cycle talent, strategically positioned outside the USA to circumvent calamities. This is the Bolder Global Solution.

Grow faster and grow stronger without additional fixed costs. No additional office rent, desks, chairs, computers and human resource headaches. This is the Bolder Global Solution.


Our worldwide recruiting network identifies best in class revenue cycle management resources and we invest in developing them to be unrivaled thru a variety of certification programs (AAPC and AHIMA) and one-on-one expert mentoring on market leading revenue cycle management software systems.

Our suite of Cloud Labor includes:

  • AAPC and AHIMA certified coders carrying multiple certifications including CPC, CIC, COC, CASCC, CANPC, CCC, CCVTC, CCPC, CPCD, CEDC, CEMC, CFPC, CGSC, CHONC, CIMC, CIRCC, COBGC, COPC, COSC, CENTC, CPEDC, CPRC, CRHC, CSFAC, and CUC
  • CPM, ADEO, and CPMA certified accounts receivable analysts, auditors, account resolution specialists and denials management
  • Physician telemedicine
  • Nurse PAT support
  • Data entry services


Experience the Bolder difference.

Our Cloud Labor Solutions provide 24/7 service, accelerating production and enabling increased volume of workflow. Plus, we provide best-in-class quality assurance, offering iterative and statically validated samples audit for accuracy.

100% USA owned and operated

Fully enforceable HIPAA provides credence and credibility.

Multi-location / disaster contingencies

Two functional sites ensure at least one site will be operational at all times.

Parallel workflow

Prohance technology enables parallel workflow by facilitating simultaneous work on multiple solutions.

Certified and credentialed staff

Certified coders comprised of physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

Industry / medical experts

Employees are well-versed in the industry and can handle a variety of situations.

Triple redundancy security

Significant emphasis on hardware, software and physical plant security.