Through our subsidiary company, ROI, Bolder delivers industry-leading results in collecting cash on delinquent accounts.

Our analytics-driven solution prioritizes accounts by highest probability to pay, allowing us to focus resources, yielding the highest possible recoveries.


Hospitals partner with Bolder to resolve secondary bad debt collections for patient accounts that are older than 120 days. Our methodology that utilizes a proprietary scoring and segmentation model to identify high propensity to pay accounts.

  • Highly specialized and professional staff drive maximum recoveries
  • Account scoring and segmentation models based on 35+ years of industry experience
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification ensures highest level of security for patients’ credit card data
  • Professional Practice Management System (PPMS), accredited by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, drives compliance and consistent adherence to established policies and procedures


Experience the Bolder difference.

Bolder leverages dedicated staff, analytics-driven work queues, and third-party status to create a sense of urgency, establish payment plans consistent with hospital or group policies, identify all billable insurance, and identify any potential financial assistance, resulting in maximum recoveries, all while driving an enhanced patient experience.

Proprietary Scoring Models

Customized to individual customers’ unique attributes.

Extensive and exclusive focus on healthcare

Higher segmentation accuracy when compared with industry agnostic agencies.

Patient-friendly agency

Patient-centric culture with a reputation for high patient satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Decades-long relationships with many of our customers.

PCI Certification

Highest level of credit card data security.

PPMS certification

Certified since 2008; awarded to less than 1% of collection agencies.