Bolder Healthcare Solutions Rebrands Four Portfolio Companies

LOUISVILLE, KY July 24, 2015 – Today, Bolder Healthcare Solutions emboldens their portfolio, rebranding four of their acquired portfolio companies to better reflect their partnerships. Medicaid Eligibility and Denial Solutions is now Bolder Outreach Solutions and Bodhi Tree becomes Bolder Anesthesia Management. MedFin Billing Services and PPM Connect Services have merged into Bolder Billing Services. PPM Information Solutions is now Bolder Anesthesia Solutions.

Bolder Healthcare Solutions improves healthcare provider’s revenue cycle to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market. Chairman and CEO, Michael A. Shea states, “It’s our goal to redefine the revenue cycle industry standards for quality, performance, and efficiency.” Shea’s vision brings together best of breed companies across the healthcare revenue cycle spectrum, including the recent acquisitions of Avectus Healthcare Solutions and The ROI Companies in June, to build a powerful new tool for hospital and physician providers to partner with for a bolder bottom line.

Bolder Healthcare Solutions is growing into a bigger, better and bolder company: employing over 1,500 dedicated professionals, serving over 500 clients across 47 states, and operating from 14 locations.

About Bolder Outreach Solutions
Bolder Outreach Solutions provides primary and secondary Medicaid Eligibility Services to medical providers, generating revenue for uninsured patients who would otherwise fall into a charity or bad debt category. Patient Advocates are stationed at hospitals’ designated access points ensuring screening and discovery process is completed while the patient is at the facility. Patient Advocates conduct point of entry and bedside interviews of uninsured and underinsured patients to determine if they categorically link to government assistance programs.

About Bolder Anesthesia Management
Bolder Anesthesia Management establishes, develops, and manages client owned anesthesia practices for physicians, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. We offer a turnkey solution addressing all aspects of anesthesia practice management including corporate services, compliance, risk management, human resources, accounting, revenue cycle, recruiting/staffing/scheduling, credentialing/privileging, contracting/enrollment, and clinical support.

About Bolder Billing Services
Bolder Billing Services is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services to healthcare providers nationwide. Through denial management, underpayment monitoring, payor contract review and effective patient management Bolder Billing Services provide the solution needed to ensure that all available dollars are addressed.

About Bolder Anesthesia Solutions
Bolder Anesthesia Solutions’ proprietary cloud-based software, BASCONNECTTM (Connect), is bolder by design: developed specifically for anesthesia and pain management billing. Connect, diminishes the complications of medical billing, and expedites payments through more accurate claim submissions, improving the capture of billable time, real-time coding, and charge submissions. Connect offers a complimentary mobile app.

About Avectus Healthcare Solutions
Avectus Healthcare Solutions, boasting one of the highest attorney-to-client ratios in the industry, provides hospitals and trauma centers a comprehensive solution for third-party liability accounts. Avectus utilizes every resource provided by state law including hospital, medical lien statutes, and assignment of benefit protections to properly process these complex claims.

About The ROI Companies
The ROI Companies provide critical services to hospitals and physician groups including insurance billing and follow-up, self-pay billing, coding, eligibility, consulting, cash acceleration and collections. The Company is headquartered near Baltimore, with offices in the Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC markets.

About Bolder Healthcare Solutions
Bolder Healthcare Solutions offers a growing suite of vertically integrated healthcare revenue cycle management services to the hospital and physician marketplace. Bolder Healthcare Solutions was formed through a co-investment partnership between The Edgewater Funds, JZ Capital Partners, and Michael A. Shea. The partnership brings more than $2 billion in committed capital and experience from hundreds of private equity transactions over the last 35 years. Shea and his team are selectively targeting additional acquisition candidates in the RCM sector.

For additional information contact:
Penny Napier, Bolder Healthcare Solutions
502-371-1700, ext. 2503